September 11, 2017 Monday

08:30- 09:30     Registration

09:30-10:00      Welcome


10.00-10.30      KEYNOTE SPEAKER

                          Next generation DNA-free and regulatory free plant genome editing

                          Chidananda N. KANCHISWAMY, PhD (PLANeDIT, Ireland)


10:30-10:45      Coffee Break


10:45-11:15      KEYNOTE SPEAKER

                          Induced mutations and biotechnology for sustainable food production

                          Prof. Shri Mohan JAIN (University of Helsinki, Finland)



                         (Chair: Stuart J. LUCAS, PhD, Sabancı University, Turkey)


11:15-11:35     Genome-Wide Investigation and Expression Analysis Of Ap2-Erf Gene Family

                         in Salt Tolerant Common Bean

                         Assoc. Prof. Musa KAVAS (Ondokuz Mayıs University, Turkey)

11:35- 11:55    Transcriptomic and Physiological Bases of Drought Tolerance in Grapevine Rootstocks

                         Assist. Prof. Kubilay YILDIRIM (Gaziosmanpaşa University, Turkey)

11:55-12:15     Heterologous expression of Thermophilic xylanase deacetylase in Arabidopsis thaliana

                         Assist. Prof. Halbay TURUMTAY (Karadeniz Technical University, Turkey)

12:15-12:35     Transcriptomic Analyses in Boron Hyperaccumulation Mechanisms of Puccinellia distans

                         Saniye Elvan ÖZTÜRK, PhD student (Izmir Institute of Technology, Turkey)


12:35-14:00      Lunch

14:00-14:30      KEYNOTE SPEAKER

                          Agrigenomics: using genomic approaches to improve crop productivity and sustainability

                          Stuart J. LUCAS, PhD (Sabancı University, Turkey)



                         (Chair: Prof. Nermin GÖZÜKIRMIZI, Istanbul University, Turkey)

14:30-14:50     Interplay Between Iron and Sulfur Metabolism is Regulated by a CTD Phosphatase in Plants

                         Assist. Prof. Emre AKSOY (Ömer Halis Demir University, Turkey)

14:50-15:10     Nitrogen-Zinc Interactions in Biofortification of Wheat with Zinc

                         Assist. Prof. Ümit Barış KUTMAN (Gebze Technical University, Turkey)

15:10-15:30     MiRNome analysis of maize (Zea mays L.) leaf throughout growth and developmental processes

                         Fatma AYDINOĞLU, PhD (Gebze Technical University, Turkey)           


15:30-15:45      Coffee Break

15:45-16:45      STRESS SESSION

                         (Chair: Assoc. Prof. Musa KAVAS, Ondokuz Mayıs Uni, Turkey)

15:45-16:05     The role of VIP1 (VirE2-interacting protein 1) transcription factor in Agrobacterium transformation

                         and stress responses in monocots

                         Nadia EL SARRAF, PhD Student (Istanbul University, Turkey)

16:05-16:25     Effect of Silicon on Various Antioxidative System Components and Gene Activities of Peanut under                                  Drought and Salt Stress

                         Hande Nur KUMBUL, PhD student (Süleyman Demirel University, Turkey)

16:25-16:45     Effects of Silicon Application on Pea (Pisum sativum L.) Antioxidative System and TOP2/PDH47 Gene                              Activities Under Chilling and Freezing Stress

                         İbrahim Ertan ERKAN, PhD student (Süleyman Demirel University, Turkey)

16:45-17:05     Exploring Transcriptional Response to Abiotic Stress in Citrus

                         Assoc. Prof. Mehtap ŞAHİN ÇEVİK (Süleyman Demirel University, Turkey)

September 12, 2017 Tuesday

09:30-10:00      KEYNOTE SPEAKER

                          Modern and ancient plant DNA: the study-case of Vitis vinifera

                          Angelo GISMONDI, PhD (University of Rome ‘Tor Vergata’, Italy)

10:00-10:30      KEYNOTE SPEAKER

                          Retrotransposon events and genome variations in barley

                          Prof. Nermin GÖZÜKIRMIZI (Istanbul University, Turkey)

10:30-10:45      Coffee Break



                         (Chair: Prof. Engin TİLKAT, Batman University, Turkey)


10:45-11:05      Competitive Allele Specific PCR (KASP) Genotyping System in Sunflower

                          Prof. Ahu ALTINKUT UNCUOĞLU (Marmara University, Turkey)

11:05-11:25      Molecular Evaluation of Downy mildew Resistance in Sunflower 

                          Ezgi ÇABUK ŞAHİN, PhD student (Marmara University, Turkey)

11:25-11:45      Optical Mapping of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. melongenae Genome

                          Prof. Bahattin TANYOLAÇ (Ege University, Turkey)

11:45-12:05      Development of Transgenic tobacco Plants for Improved Phytoremediation of Nitroaromatic                               Contamination at Lower Temperatures

                          Prof. Yelda ÖZDEN ÇİFTÇİ (Gebze Technical University, Turkey)     


12:30-14:00      Lunch


14:00-14:30      KEYNOTE SPEAKER

                          Plant germplasm cryopreservation: Challenges, successes and the advances in cryo-                                           engineering and ‘omic’ Technologies

                          Jayanthi NADARAJAN, PhD (Plant and Food Research, New Zealand)



                          (Chair: Prof. Ahmet ONAY, Dicle University, Turkey)


14:30-14:50      Development of cell suspension cultures: - A case study in Lentisk.

                          Prof. Engin TİLKAT (Batman University, Turkey)

14:50-15:10      Expression Analysis of Chalcone Synthase in Response to Elicitation in Astragalus chrysochlorus                           Cultures

                          Deniz GÜRLE YALÇIN, PhD student (Istanbul University, Turkey)

15:10-15:30      Analysis of Phenylalanine Ammonia Lyase Gene Expression and Rosmarinic Acid accumulation                             in response to zeatin in Satureja spicigera Shoot Clones

                          Assist. Prof. Ersan BEKTAŞ (Giresun University, Turkey)


15:30-15:45      Coffee Break



                         (Chair Prof. Bahattin TANYOLAÇ, Ege University, Turkey)


15:45-16:05      Antifungal Effects of Silver Nanoparticles (AgNPs) against Fusarium oxysporum f. sp.                                         lycopersici (FOL) Isolates

                          Ilgın AKPINAR, PhD student (Istanbul University, Turkey)

16:05-16:25       Understanding the Mechanisms of Tomato chlorosis virus-induced Chlorosis in


                             Prof. Bayram ÇEVİK  (Süleyman Demirel University, Turkey)

16:25-16:45      Parthenogenetic Haploid Plants using Gamma Irradiated Pollen in Sunflower

                          Assoc. Prof. Yıldız AYDIN (Marmara University, Turkey)

16:45-17:05      Micropropagation of Lentisk, Pistacia lentiscus L.: A Review

                          Prof. Ahmet ONAY (Dicle University, Turkey)

September 13, 2017 Wednesday

09:30-10:30      POSTER SESSION


10:30-10:45      Coffee Break


10:45-11:15      Closing


11:15-12:30      Round Table Discussion (for Scientific Committee members)